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What other people thought about the service provided by Amadeus Talent

I love Amadeus Talent’s individualized approach to screening candidates; I always know the candidates they send me will be a great fit for my business. With their help we were able to quickly build Fanatic's entire QA team here at our Boulder office!

Stocksy_txp15d4e891770000_Medium_28012 Christi Grannis, Dir. of QA, Fanatics

Amadeus Talent has a tremendous understanding of which candidates are a good fit for your business, not just technically but culturally as well. They were able to help us staff multiple locations, and each of the candidates they placed have been very successful hires on our team.

photo Brian Corcoran, CIO, SANS Institute

I have known Ellis for about five years. She has helped recruit top quality candidates for me many times. The latest hire I made from her had a superior technical skill set and was a perfect culture fit for us. I would recommend working with Ellis to anyone.

tumblr_mvyx8txG0p1st5lhmo1_1280 Karen Drobish, HR Manager, Peaksware

“During my interview with the client, they said ‘I am not going to ask you any more technical questions because you are recommended by Amadeus Talent, and that is all I need to know.’ I have never seen anything like that in this industry, it’s pretty amazing frankly.”

IMG_5778 Jeff Albenberg – Talent Success